Orbcomm OG2 Launch 1
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15th 10th 14 Jul 2014 15:15:00 Orbcomm OG2 Launch 1LEO F9-010 SLC-40, Florida
Falcon 9 Launch Time/Date
PayloadDestination Core Launch Site

A Falcon 9 will fly the first 6 Orbcomm G2 satellites into a Low Earth Orbit as part of a multi-mission contract for the communications corporation.

SpaceX Launch 15th
Vehicle Falcon 9 (10th)
Payload Orbcomm OG2 Launch 1
Launch Time/Date (UTC) 14 Jul 2014 15:15:00
Launch Site SLC-40, Florida
Destination LEO
Astronauts Aboard 0
Core(s) Used F9-010
Total Satellites 0
First Stage Outcome "Rocket booster reentry, landing burn & leg deploy were good, but lost hull integrity right after splashdown (aka kaboom)"
Upper Stage
Upper Stage
Upper Stage NORAD Identifier None
Upper Stage International Designator None
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